Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Summer heat. Everyone in New Mexico is talking about our heat wave this week. Afternoon temperatures over 100 degrees. When I go out in the late afternoon or evening, the heat lets me know it is SUMMER. It makes me feel nostalgic. I remember being a kid in Albuquerque in the summer. Lots of extra freedom. No home work, no schedule. Playing outside with friends and neighbors in the heat of the day (finding the shady spots or running through the sprinklers). Hanging out in the long, warm evenings---telling tales, sharing secrets. Sitting in the twilight on the still-sun-warmed sidewalks. Feeling the coolness of the lawn as you walk barefoot from the hot pavement to cool grass. Sticky popsicles that you can't eat quite fast enough to keep them from melting and oozing an orange path from your hand to your elbow.

The memories hit me the second I feel the heat---they rush at me even before I can think the words that describe them.

I don't mind the summer heat.

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